Herbal Products

Herbal Products is an endless subject when 2 or more herbs are blended or herbs "extracted" in any manner. Their use is strictly "Adult" Self-Experimentation Use Only! I suggest people read as many old herbal books and modern day searches on herbal education as it takes for them to feel comfortable with self-experimentaion. Responsible Adults use and understand herbs before they raise their family using herbal supplements. 

I suggest reading the books and history of Dr. John R. Christopher and one of his favorite teachers; Dr. Shook, both wrote many books in their lifetime and some of the most reliable education available in my opinion. Most all of their old herbal formulas can be duplicated and the foundation of my herbal education. 

If you are in search of someone to diagnose you and prescribe to you herbs as an alterative to prescription drugs and operations; then I suggest you start with your local chiropractor who can physically see you, examine you and ask him your questions and for his guidance. Otherwise you are searching for an herbal doctor which does not realy exist today. You may find an M.D. that actually blends herbal use with his medical drug use, but they are very rare and they can physically examine your body and history and provide you will diagnoses and prescription. 

Herbs are just food supplements coming from the tree, vine and plants and like all foods, each person will be different and have different taste. Understanding herbal history enables the brain to accept or be fearful of herbs, just like every food & drink in their lifetime. I suggest you never use a herb or herbal product you have any fear or doubts with. that same theory goes with every food & drink including all medical products. 

Herbal information is provided to responsible adult use only and never nothing but opinons, anyone telling you any more, is most likely just saying what they need to make a sale. Herbal Books of the past will suggest herbal cures based on the author's personal use, such as the late Dr. John R. Christopher. I suggest all good herbs are used by the human body as a food source, such as explained back in 1957 as the Co-Q10 theory, please read my book if you want my opinions of herbal use.

To cover just the herbs and herbal formulas I self-experiment with will take alot of time. The best I can do is list each herb used in a formula, to say anymore is nothing but pure speculation based on historical use of such herbs and the endless possibilities of how the body will react when supplementing with such herbal foods.


This PDF is a basic list of the herbs / formulas I experiment with. A more detailed explaination will come in future PDF


Working on a New 2015 Herbal Descriptions and will replace this list when update is done.