The Boys Kits


Those who have followed this website over the years, have seen the boys growing up, they are the best "Proof" that raising children on Fruit Juices, Distilled Water, Plentiful Herbs & Chiropractor Aid works out well. Naturally as they age, their herbal formulas are changing; no longer do they take Baby Calm for example and their Kids "B" Well developes into stronger mineral formulas such as Bone Builder or Men's Wellness Concentrates, etc. 

I call these products their "Kits" just for the simple fact these are the herbs they are taking on a normal basis to show as an education for those that like to see such things as an "example". The Goal is to show that herbal supplementation is best started by the parents and the baby benifits greatest while developing inside the womb. These boys will be a living example their entire lives and to date, have never taken a vitamin, a drug, a shot or seen a doctor since they were born. That statement alone explains alot. Just "Think" what would happen to the medical establisment "If" every child grew up never seeing a nurse, a doctor, a hospital or taken a vitamin / drug and consumed herbs and seen their chiropractor regularly? That fact would destroy the largest organized system this world has ever seen and that is why by 1950 that establisment decalred war against human health and the use of herbs and why they have always hated the chiropractors and today the same establishment is forcing chiropractic students to take so many years of college and spend years taking subjects that have absolutely nothing to do with their career as a method to abolish chiropractors. Since 1917 the same establishment has been systematically getting rid of herbal use world wide, in favor of every human having socialized / forced medical and grow up on vaccines and commercial foods / drinks loaded with waste products / chemicals / drugs as well as have been spraying us with jets since 1949 as a way of population control world wide in my opinion.

To Live Well after the year 1917 in My Opinion, humans have to be wise and learn what to avoid and hopefully not live in an active war zone. By the year 1992 the war against Longevity was greatly stepped up and children born after 1992 have to have very wise parents and be extremely aware of their environment and the world, if they want to do well after age 40. Seeking the world for answers has been a very bad idea since the war against herbs and natural methods was created and world war declared as a way to control populations. Many Great Medical & Herbal Doctors by 1930's were writing books, instructing wise people to RETURN to NATURE.

As a way to help the boys along with their future, I will offer their kits at a discounted price to those who have that kind of interest. I will have the boys hand pack their kit and put a thank you note in each box.