Over the past 20+ years we have received literally thousands of stories from people. Alot of them are by phone and most never recorded or kept. If you wopuld like your current storu shown here, please submit it to askmh108@earthlink.net No name is required unless you want to show up and show off. 

A Great Example Story:

My name is Kristin and I am 48 years of age.  I am 5'10 and weigh between 140-145 lbs. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle: vegan, organic/wild non gmo food sources, as well as no sugar or grains most of the time. I don't smoke, or drink, or do drugs.  For exercise I rebound, walk, and do yoga.
For 10 years, I have suffered severely from a uterus problem called   Adenomyosis , in which the doctor told me my only 2 choices were hysterectomy, or wait it out for menopause, when it would no longer be a problem. In the beginning years of this, it was mostly severe pain...my periods would be so bad I would pace all night or sleep in a bath tub filled with hot water because there was no pain killer that would work. Many times my husband would take me to the emergency and they would give me morphine to control the pain.

Fast forward, this last year I began hemorrhaging when I would get my periods and the bleeding would not stop....I slept on medical pads from the hospital, with 2 super overnight pads on, with a depends diaper on over that.  It was so embarrassing, not to mention depressing...  I bled for 35 days and had to have an emergency DnC in the middle of the night in order for the doctors to get the bleeding to stop! My blood count was at a 6.  I was having shortness of breath, heart beat in my ears, crazy headaches and restless leg syndrome and overall weakness where it was getting hard to walk. I had to have a blood transfusion in November 2014 and again in February 2015, both times receiving 2 units of blood, which barely brought my hemoglobin to an 8.  The doctors gave me a liquid iron to build my blood up fast after the first transfusion.  My blood was back up to 11.8, .....when I started bleeding again.  

I just started gushing blood and I lost so much that my blood shot back down to a 6 within 5 days and another transfusion was given.  The doctors wanted to give me a hysterectomy, which I always fought against ( hence, the reason I have been dealing with this for 10 yrs), but they couldn't operate with me being so weak and my blood being so low and unstable.  The doctors discharged me from the hospital with a prescription for progesterone and more iron in the hopes that I could stabilize enough to have the surgery in a few weeks.  The progesterone pills sat on my night table, unopened, ...for some reason I could not bring myself to take this synthetic mess! Intuitively, I knew if I took them I would be heading down a path of no return.  My family, friends, and colleagues all said I need to just do it and stop being stubborn... That I was risking my life.  I was so exhausted and so scared of bleeding again, that I finally agreed to the surgery.  My husband and I met with the surgeon who was going to do the hysterectomy.  He was so in a hurry... he had to get to other patients and could only answer a few questions...that I just need to book it...

Basically saying ...forget all your concerns and questions, just have surgery!

Well, I left feeling unsure and went home and started researching again, to see if there was any chance I could heal myself without the surgery...My family was not happy about this!! My family has seen me spend thousands over the years on every holistic cure known to man, with empty pockets and no results...I have done many cleanses, a 90 day green juice fast, colonics on a weekly basis, supplements and more supplements, vegan diet, alkaline diet, alkaline water, raw diet, Chinese medicine, gurus, energetic healers, holistic doctors, chiropractors and acupuncture, lymphatic work, you name it, I did it...and, none of it covered by insurance. Holistic care is very expensive. 
I spent my whole weekend, day and night reading and researching websites and blogs, hoping for something I had not tried.  This is when I found MH, the barefoot herbalist, and my life changed. 

I am not kidding! It has been almost 3 months and I feel stronger than ever.  I wrote MH and told him how desperate I was to not have a hysterectomy! He wrote back immediately and answered my questions and advised me of what I could try.  I ordered the herbs and the mom book and while waiting for their arrival, I read book 1 overnight! I also read all of his folders and newsletters because I knew it was up to me to become my own doctor if I didn't want surgery. 
The herbs arrived and I immediately started taking:
The women's wellness formula - 10 caps/3x day
The LBB - 3-4 caps/3x day
The Hormone balancing -2 caps/ 2-3x day
The NO Bleed caps- 2 caps/2x day
LIV/Galb PWGA #4-7: 1 tbls /2x day
Kid/Panc cleanse- 1 tsp nightly
Longevity spices - 1 tbls/ 2x day
Teeth and gum spray 3x day
Herbal spray 1 - 2-3 x day
Air freshener with herbal oil
Also rebounding 20 min daily to regain strength.
Over the last 2-3 months, since taking this protocol,  all bleeding has stopped, my blood is in the normal range, no longer anemic, restless leg syndrome has disappeared, depression and headaches gone, severely deep vertical ridges on all nails has almost disappeared completely and my nails no longer chip and peel and have now become strong and shiny/ healthy sheen to them, and my skin doesn't seem as dry and my tooth enamel, which I lost during all the blood loss, is now growing back.  

My teeth had always been pearly white until the continuous blood loss.  It seemed like overnight they turned grey until I started taking this protocol and spraying my teeth several times a day. Now they are becoming white and even stronger than they were before.
I really had forgotten what it was like to live a life without bleeding, exhaustion, and worry.  I realize how much of my life I missed out on, always having to stay home with my feet up or in bed. MH and his wonderfully healthy herbs have given me my life back! I am so happy and grateful to have found the barefoot herbalist who is willing to share his knowledge.

Thank you!!! I feel Good!

Thank You for Sharring, if you have a story you want to help others with, please e-mail me and i will post them below

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