The first testimony:

Hi MH,

Received your book on Monday and have been reading ever since, can't seem to put it down!  Very inspirational!  Thank you for writing it - you provided an answer to my prayers when I didn't know where to turn.  Also, thank you for signing it.
I love the LBB powder and P/W/A.  They make me feel warm and fuzzy in a good way.  Have been mixing a scant tsp. of LBB in water and drinking 4 times daily and it's working!  Will next order the tree iodine and kidney pancreas.  Getting a small water distiller next week.  All makes perfect sense to me.
I could go on and on, but just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your book and what a joy it is to read it!  God bless you and your family.

First Book Reveiw:

Thorough Review MH's School of Self-Prevention Book

[note MH touches on his name and family yet I choose to use his name in author form  as it is his signature at this point so MH it is :) ]

The book is a comprehensive book [approx. 502  pages!] and  encompasses all of MH's best works as well as much new content, pictures, results and just overall collections [most never posted/published] from past, present and new futures.  It truly goes into detail for all aspects of health and does so in a manner that any person can adopt and adapt into their lives.  Many of the formulas are gentle while others can be somewhat spicy and/or more plant matter for the liver  to use, so to use this book is great to  scale yourself to the needs of your body in accordance with the formulas of MH. 

 The book is written so nicely that one can often open the book at any page and immediately fall into a flow or rhythm which is unheard of any book health related or not.  Often times I find myself intuitively flipping to pages at so called random yet its pages I need to reread or areas I want to further improve on despite eating fruits and plant fats only for 7 years.  Type of food eaten, family, herbs, water, air, education, etc are areas MH mentions of the core of humans but I can attest his formulas are realistically a requirement in this world we live in today especially the pwe formulas and most definitely the LBB [Lower bowel balance].  This book has such testaments from other customers in the helpful results they receive  from just some of the formulas available [].  These formulas range form capsules, to powders, to syrup/tinctures, to concentrates and all have a place in certain areas of healing with obviously the concentrates working in the most total and in my opinion easiest/comprehensive to take. 

The book has descriptions of many helpful and common herbs as well as basic applications.  In addition there are pictures aplenty to describe the aforementioned as well  as info about harvesting some herbs MH does and info on some rare herbs and MH process on how he acquired one of the largest most diverse collection of herbs.  MH has truly been through the ringer trying to decipher and filter things when trying to deal with people exporting herbs, oils etc – ones that MH cannot grow or find himself.  This is another thing I love about MH's formulas and this book – honesty and integrity.  MH always will grow his own or procure it in woods in his native state or nearby as opposed to just buy some bulk herb with questionable sources. 

 Where this book really shines are in MH's newsletters and journals if you will that go in depth to areas where MH chooses to usually keep off focus since he is a family man.  Knowing what herbs  his family and him take can be very helpful say for similar people in different times of life [teens through middle age]  to know a basic supply of the herbs they need.  In addition MH goes into detail on some of his difficulties from places of work, to falls and accidents all the way to how the number 108 and supporting his family through herbs and formulas based on the idea of everything falling into place and people coming into one's life all on god's will and timing.  Some of his experiences are similar to mine and very touching.  He once had a fall where his wife actually helped keep him conscious and stop shock with cayenne  and bone formulas and many other examples he gives allow the reader to “feel” the emergency and I believe it helps create a true memory and knowledge so this can be utilized during an emergency for the reader.  This is such as one can read many books but when true emergencies happen one might not have certain herbs or prepared methods to take!  This is why herbal spray 1 or 3 is a necessity on hand at all time!  The book is written with the perfect balance of a reference style book to help the reader with enough doses of personal experience from MH and his family to provide the reader with much knowledge in a manner that truly leaves no room to question.  As MH says certain things are true whether one puts them into practice or not while other things can be improved upon such as MH's assortment of formulas say from 5 years ago compared to now. 

This book also has wonderful excerpts from some of MH'S collections such as the iodine info from an audio of  doctors.  The info is put in the book for reference/to show the truth [as MH make notations throughout the excerpts].  The iodine excerpts have excellent and truthful info from the audio to text excerpt MH provides so long as you know that iodine only comes from nature never the chemical or other versions the docs mention.  MH also mentions how even so called iodine rich seaweed is actually more so a retainer of all kinds of metals, minerals etc so best to get iodine from nature.  It is golden nuggets like this that one can learn so much from so long as one is not brain washed by major marketing as such with even with things such as diluted oregano oil.  MH only sells oils direct from the real growers/producers not small bottles with questionable contents/sources.

 Another highlight of the book is known throughout MH's readers on his posts and that is the sections on parasites, mercury and dentistry as well as chiropractors.  I will go into depth on the  aforementioned subjects detailed below. 

 On the subject of parasites/worms/fungus I can safely say MH is the king of this topic – from liver flush pictures, to experience with pancreatic worms, brain worms and so much more MH truly describes his knowledge in this book which makes it a necessity on this factor alone.  These sentient beings are very discreet and will alter one's personality, thoughts, behaviors even mating so MH's formulas and help are truly life saving/changing.  The book goes into details on more so how to rid oneself properly and how to stay well as opposed to science based latin names and nonsense.  It does not matter the kind so much so how it looks and to get rid of them!  MH talks on how candida, worms etc are all just nature doing its work regardless of the form of contact of said nature's cleansers.  Some are from poor food choices, some from contact with infected humans, etc but one thing is for most do a proper liver flush and other components such as liver/gall bladder cleanse to even start the process to regain control.  This book really delves deep into the process especially how MH started the proper cleanse several years ago with liquid based formulas including black walnut, clove ,etc.  Liquid, in many cases, can be more beneficial especially regards to parasites etc.  MH advises that powders are always helpful but some formulas are really helpful in powder form such as yellow dock based formulas like calcium and iron balance formulas.  MH is self proclaimed to have the most pics of liver flush...and I believe him. This book as well as the usb book option [which contains MH's ultra collection as I call it] showcase all of the pictures even more so goes into more detail on some of the subjects touched on in the book such as chemtrails, orange juice fasting, etc.  The info on parasites throughout this book truly will help even someone who refuses herbs as MH advises the OJ method of a cool 85 degree enema every night can be used during an orange juice fast.  MH touches on how he used a child science somewhat inexpensive microscope and could zoom in and see much critters and the pictures provide this data as well.  IN addition MH touches on throughout th e book the importance of plant fats or better yet LG cleanse products.  These combine precious plant fats and herbs and truly help to open the liver and gall bladder to expel stones, dead cells, worms, liver flukes, etc.  This when combined with orange juice fasting, and proper liver flush described in the book, one can truly be one's own doctor and can save a gall bladder in an emergency. 

 MH touches on proper dentistry and how he ended up with more than 10 mercury fillings which will really crush some people and their comfort food as MH grew up on fresh family farm harvested veggies, butter/milk as well as rain water catchment water and soda as occasional luxury etc.  Such a diet is actually still superior to than the avg american diet so imagine that!

In addition MH goes into detail on how his local dentist [and basically every dentist in the country] lies and tells patients their crowns or fillings are gold, when in reality they are mostly copper, nickel and other cheap metals and plastic fillers.   Like MH,  most people get these fillings and dentist work due to insurance companies being in connection with dentists, cancer doctors etc so its a plan so to speak to have your oral conditions to affect your digestion, nervous system etc.  MH decided to not be bitter and just remove all his teeth that had fillings or other garbage.  This creates a long journey ahead but a necessary one if one wants to be parasite and more true to thyself.  No one other than MH understands this topic properly and MH even says if one does not remove dental work by about late thirties or early 40's its probably best ot just leave be unless one is very strong willed and able to really work on self and stay true to herbal, fruit and plant fat healing as well as have family help if needed,etc.  This book truly is a panacea and the info about dentistry and MH's trials and tribulations in this subject really connected with me as I had a harsh removal of my one mercury filling and MH's  formulas are the only thing that has helped and continues to help especially sky is falling formula.

 MH has single handed put me on to how chiropractors should be selected and adjust properly.  I suffered 3 harsh bike accidents [MH also advised on things happening in set if threes] and this book will truly help the reader and towards the last few pages MH even has a recent post about his experience with his local chiro which is very helpful. The sports ointments and my favorite bone builder concentrate really help me rebuild after some tough years.   Touched on towards the first half of the book is more a general position on how MH utilizes chiropractors and why they are so needed and safe even for a 5 month old baby.  MH touches on how he was bounced around to several hospitals many times and they did not help him and  how even certain chiropractors are somewhat timid and do not know how to truly handle and adjust people so important to find one who can do this, not push unnecessary things, and not x-ray reliant.  MH also touches on a healer in Thailand who helped him greatly who I plant to visit sometime next year as sometimes one must travel to heal certain ailments that are spine related.  MH has been thru his share of tough times and accidents and each time he remains grounded and has the formulas to heal himself but the two examples in the book of the burn wounds are quite severe and without the burn/wound salve I would not want to see the scarring.

In totality, I always knew MH would write a book but this is way beyond the scope of what I expected and at only $25, this is quite a deal.  I, decided to get the $108  special which MH offers that includes much more on a usb 8gb stick and truly contains some VERY interesting material.   I am reviewing this aspect as well since technically it is also part of the book as a tag team to to speak and I highly encourage all to purchase this option as the $108 is a blessed number and so is the data provided.  My favorite book here is a pdf written by the same author as the Orange juice fasting dr and it has many jewels in it  that correspond to life and many subtle things that I never knew about.  There are 35 plus pdf books on the drive as well as much more especially the newsletters from the past 10 years and my favorite part the liver flush sections.  MH touches on his work with Hulda Clark and how he learned but stayed true to his herbal formulas and to this day prefers to avoid electronic and other forms of so called parasite removals.  Most herbs are even irradiated and the final product in store bought items are often not even helpful or have harsh nasty binders or ascorbic acid.    In addition MH's newsletters and best posts are here as well and extremely helpful especially on those with pets as MH also has several formula scattered to pets so they are necessities as pets regardless should not be in the home often if at all.  If they do these formulas will help greatly in keeping them healthy, therefore you as well.

This book is a must for ANY person and especially health enthusiasts or just someone trying to live past age 40 nowadays.  It is truly a masterpiece and since MH is such a devoted man, I am sure a full color and updated version will surface at some point.  I have not purchased a book, let alone a health related book in quite some time and safe to say this book will stay with me wherever I go as it truly can be a lifesaver especially when harsh things can happen.  This book will save the reader so much time as it took MH a lifetime to compile the data and make the formulas just so and now the reader can truly jump right in to self prevention as MH likes to call it.  Self-prevention meaning prevention from letting critters eat you, prevention from staying in hospitals, prevention from wasting money on false promises and prevention from false data and people.  MH is a humble man but truthfully his products, experience, and things he has seen and witnessed truly could be a series of books.  I will continue to support and encourage even the most skeptic to try even a small investment of three better than gold products – LBB capsules, PWE capsules, men's/women's concentrate.  You will find out quickly how MH and this book cannot be duplicated and are used primarily by his family and himself and we are blessed to be able to get the products as well as they are not cheaply or easily made!  This book is a must buy and an entry point to understanding how to heal and help oneself and family as well as how to know what to purchase from MH formula wise.  Call Brenda or Jody and they will help you if needed as the site has so many choices but please invest in your self and above all MH advises to eat human foods [fruits, herbs, plant fats, nuts] regardless. 

 Thank you MH

 Ken aka book # 13 signed by you.

The School of "Self-Applied" Prevention Book

(Book & USB option are limited quantities)


502 pages $25.00

The School of "Self-Applied" Prevention Book for 2015 is the end result of 20 years of self-exploring Herbal Methods and various natural methods in the treatment and prevention of of sickness and effort to understand Longevity. The book is a collection of the best of the newsletters, stories and pictures of what I have learned and believe in the most. I believe every word that has ever been written is nothiong more than the opinion of the person who wrote it and is always subject to change as each person continues to learn better ways. The best of the best will remain unchanged, while everything that can be improved, should be improved upon by each coming new generation. Books dating back 200 years have provided a foundation for all to examine and self-experiment to understand what works and what needs improvement. 

It is very difficult to edit your own book for the simple fact each time you read it, you discover what you left out or what could be added and the eternal misspelled words and less than perfect grammer. My largest torment was the repeat of information. With such a large book and amount of information spreading out over 20 years, each chapter can have repeated information. the best way to have avoided such a thing would have been to set down and write a book non stop with no old information used. The best I can suggest is that good information is "worth" repeating. 

I have read alot of books in the past 20+ years and suggest the best ones were written pre 1950 and the very best written from 1890's to 1930's in my opinion. Most books have at least something to offer, while some are so bad they need thrown into the trash. I must admit, the books I have purchased from current day authors in general have been so horrible and such rip offs that i try to avoid any book from an author who is still alive. Back in the days when living was more important that taking money from people I believe is the best era to find good books; that and the fact there was no to little electric, no tv, radio and certainly no cell phones and heavy taxation leading to people turning corrupt. With world wide shipping and the internet, today it is easy for bad authors to prey upon the public and made a world where the customer has to be "aware" at all times. 

Of the books I like the best, believe the most; makes up what I write. Reading the old original books makes it easy to see why I write what I do. Keep in mind, I am no writer, I dreaded school, especially english and we had no computers and I would have not taken taken type writing even if it had been offered to me in highschool. I have never typed with more than "one" finger on each hand. I do not "study" or research and only write from memory and self-experience; basically what I have read over and over from many different authors and have seen or proven to myself to be true. When I use to do seminars, I never studied or prepared and never knew what I would say until I was asked to speak. 

I use allot of pictures and believe a picture can tell a huge story and education. 


I took our oldest windows computer, 15 years old that has not been hooked to the internet for 10+ years and it was able to open all of the pdf files except 2 sources I will highlight in the list below. Our Apple Computers "instantly" open every file. With so many computers of various ages and software, I can not gurantee everyoner will be able to open 100% of the files.

502 page Book
(written by me, edited my me- so plenty of mispelled words and repeated material, etc.)
(all hand done 1 at a time by me as asked for)
$108 donation

Why 108?
Very simple, pre 108 I was a poor 30 year factory rat with 112x more lead than a normal human, after 108 I started to live and this Book documents everything after 108 came into my life. I do not expect you or anyone to understand the number 108, actually I know of no human that does. The number has existed since the beginning of mankind and has always been the most influential number in earth history, actually even before the earth and sun was made. In reality in my opinion, the book is the best of its kind ever written and priceless to those seeking life. The USB is a doorway. 

Basically Everything I include on this 8GB option is a companion to the BOOK, the foundational education I learned from that I have on pdf files. This is what I have always called The School of "Self-Applied" Prevention. The material was always too great to supply on this website and failed to attract interest over the years, so I erased it all, have made it a companion to my Book as an option for those that want to see the "real deal". The materials and endless pictures showing we are the real deal when it comes to herbs. I do not have the endless herbal books, these can be obtained from internet sources and truly are endless. I admired the history of Dr. John R. Christopher and his teachers before him for my best suggested sources for your herbal education, while the books I use are mostly very old medical authors long before I was ever born. I find mixing old medical with herbal is the key to success. The great medical doctors of the past put down their medical education and returned to nature to save their own lives and like Dr. John R. Christopher, every greath health writer started by saving their own life and then had the will to help others.

I stopped with a 8GB for 1 reason, it holds more thousands of pages of reading material than anyone I know of that would ever look at and surely never actually read it all. If I had 120 GB, I could easily fill it with more books and videos. So it truly is endless when you are searching methods to save your own life and open your eyes to life on earth.

What I call Books on this USB are "files" that may be 1 book or most anything, such as newsletters, personal pictures, etc. it goes like this:

Book 1-  290 pages, Study Guide 90 pages, answers 90+ pages


Book 2-  288 pages, Study Guide 87 pages, Bonus 82 pages


Book 3-  166 pages


Book 4-  108 pages


Book 5-  84+ pages


Book 6-  383 pages


Book 7-  82 pages


Book 8-  318 pages


Book 9-  46 pages


Book 10-  52 pages


Book 11-  38 pages


Book 12-  269, 51 pages


Book 13-  57,  84 pages


Book 14-  43 pages


Book 15-  108 pages, 34 pages, 60 pages


Book 16-  18 pages


Book 17-  61 pages


Book 18-  207 pages


Book 19-  44 pages


Book 20- 66 pages


Book 21-  22, 8, 27, 108, 27 pages,


Book 22- 31 pages


Book 23-  72 pages


Book 24-  33, 94 pages


Book 25-  152 pages


Book 26-  279 pages


Book 27-  285 pages


Book 28-  217 pages


Book 29-  158 pages


Book 30-  21 pages


Book 31-  91 pages


Book 32-  296 pages


Book 33- 1 page


Book 34-  156 pages


Book 35-  7, 4, 11 pages


Book 36-  73 pages


Book 37-  108, 27, 15 pages


Book 38-  19, 19, 18, 13, 20, 13, 13, 13, 11, 11, 14, 13, 19, 28, 16, 10, 16, 23, 14, 11, 26, 15, 16, 17, 17, 508, 785 pages


Book 39-  2, 90, 12, 67, 17, 16, 38, 9


Book 40- too many pages to count

48 Books from the best author that explains the mysteries of human history.
(our old windows computer could not open these)

Endless Newsletters from past 20 years of web site building.

Books from 4 sources explaining endless earth / human history, literally thousands upon thousands of pages.
(our old windows computer could not open 1 of the 4 sources)


Will you understand why / how I came to make Herbal Formulas the way I do, my way...and why no one else even comes close to comparison. No one self-experiments with herbs and the understanding of parasites the way I do. The reader has to discern if what I write is hogwash or worth reading, after all, everyword ever written has never been anything more than what the author believed in that day. I assure you, that if you have no clue what the number 108 is or the history as it pertains to space and earth history as well as human history, then that is just 1 example of how poorly our public school education lacks. What I call BOOK I, was written by the top MD in North American History with 1 goal, he wanted everyone to become their own physician, if you master this 1 simple book, I assure you, you have a greater health education than anyone you have known in your lifetime and that is just a begining, if you seek to learn from many of these long past doctors. There are well over 1,500 such old books in existance and you can recognize the good authors, because they had nothing to sale and their methods returned to nature. I suggest their methods with herbs makes it even easier / better. 

Many Blessings,

The Barefoot Herbalist, M.H. 108

The School of "Self-Applied" Prevention